Ziva and toni dating

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Gibbs leaves Ziva behind in Israel and the team (Vance, Tony and Gibbs) head back to D. The last scene of that episode shows Ziva tied up to a chair and she has been beaten up.

Why won't we be able to keep our relationship from everyone mu..." Then it dawned on him."I'm pregnant." She finally blurted out."When? " Tony asked."I was thinking Monday..can have Mc Gee and Gibbs, meet us in Abby's lab and tell everyone then." Ziva replied.

For a few minutes, Tony sat there in silence thinking what Ziva had just told him.

Captain Hook is a fictional character and nothing is ever mentioned of who he may have worked for.

According to her passport in NCIS episode 8x07, she was born in 1982 in November. In 2005, when Ziva is first introduced, the actress Cote de Pablo was 27.

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