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This collected data includes credentials (Username & Passwords), form details, login information, and so on.

Now if you steal someone else’s cookies, then you don’t need any credentials for the account. This is far most the most straightforward method which requires no hacking, no virtual card or not even the real credit card to get Netflix premium account.

These cards are issued to customers for online payment with the help of their credit card.

The few most trusted and working virtual card providers are mycard2go, American Express Go, State Bank Virtual Card, and so on.

Step 3: Now go to Netflix and sign up as per the usual method and use your card to make the payment.

Cookies are the saved data or information in the browser.

Step 1: Create a Google account you want to use for Netflix subscription.We have written this article to show how hackers think and exploit bugs in a system.So without further taking your time, let’s dig in: On the Signing up to Account, it makes your credit card information and provides you with a one-month free trial.Note: These Netflix account hacks are for educational purposes only.We are not responsible for any misconduct and crimes on your part.

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