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Anthropological materialism found in Germany its most incisive formulation because its opposite, idealism, was formulated with the greatest clarity, but it found in France its most collective formulation because it was there that the political thought was formulated with the greatest intensity.

[3] Benjamin brings together, under this name, French and German writers, philosophers and activists who, facing the nascent industrial world, develop a very similar vision of the world (“materialism”) applied to human issues (“anthropological”).

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Version française / Deutsche Fassung “The history of anthropological materialism stretches, in Germany, from Jean Paul to Keller (passing through Georg Büchner and Gutzkow); in France, the socialist utopias and the physiologies are its precipitate.” [1] In The Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin tries to re-evaluate a neglected tradition, “anthropological materialism”, born at the beginning of the 19th century.

It develops itself particularly during a moment anterior to the Congress of Tours, a moment anterior to the development of Marxism: the period of the 1820’, 30’s and ‘40s.

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