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Humbled and inspired by Harry’s strength and positive outlook, Bea learns the real meaning of bravery and is determined to face her fears, even if it means taking the lead in the camp musical production of Annie—with Jeremy as Daddy Warbucks!QUEEN BEA MAKES A BUZZ is a funny and heartwarming account of a shy girl’s first summer away from home where she learns she really can do anything and silver linings can be found just about anywhere. She didn’t die or anything, she moved away, leaving Tori—an only child—to spend summer alone.

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#Collector- it was interesting and left me with lots of thoughts 2.

When Olivia confesses that she has a crush on Tyler and wants to ask him to the Fall Ball dance, Kat knows there’s going to be a problem: Tyler thinks Olivia is just another ditsy girl who only cares about lip gloss and boy bands.

But since Kat’s one of Tyler’s oldest friends, Olivia’s sure she’ll know how to get his attention.

She needs to figure out what to do: come clean and lose her new friend or live her life as a fake. The Yes No Maybe So series is an interactive reading experience about friendships, family, and all the feelings.

Tara Takes the Stage and Yael and the Party of the Year Choose-your-own-adventure in the high-stakes world of tween courtship; in each book, the reader decides which crush the protagonist should pursue, with varying degrees of success and multiple plot possibilities. “As always, Levy’s refreshing tween voice is spot on in Crushing It.

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