Women lawyers dating

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I never trusted that there was a solid core to law, so I don't know what the fundamental limits are to someone for whom law is a practice and discipline.Some generalizations that make me doubt I'll date a lawyer: Lawyers are often innumerate and proud of it, which makes me embarassed for them.Law school was the easiest of my graduate degrees (but then, I am very verbal and didn't care about my grades).Lawyers themselves are often contempuous of their career and peers.ALL professional schools are insular and self-reinforcing.It is true of medicine, architecture, the service academies.Going into law school with a degree in chemistry, I expected the study of law to be intellectually challenging. When I was an undergraduate I always felt that the people who did better than me were smarter than me, were working a lot harder to get their grades, and conversely, those who didn't do as well were not as smart and/or lazier than me. Some people who were very bright and worked very hard struggled constantly while others who were dumb as a box of rocks, and often completely unethical, were at the top of the class.It is a bit unfair to identify lawyers in general with law students, or with lawyers fresh out of law school.

I quickly discovered that my technical background was actually a hinderance to my goals and that practicing environmental attorneys were, on the whole, actually hostile to the technical details of environmental practice, especially when the facts ran counter to the position they were advocating.It is hard to respect them more than they respect themselves.I would date a lawyer who convinced me it was what he wanted to be doing, had an awareness that it is both a ridiculous process and has important potential for doing good, and was grounded in the physical world. My lawyer friends had lead me to suspect this for a while.My impression was that whatever lightweight degree they did before law school had never shown them what it meant to work hard." Not me, never whined once, but then I worked between undergrad and law school so I know what the real world is like. Most law schools are set up not to flunk out any but the truly abismal. Better question yet, who do female lawyers date other than male lawyers."Lawyers themselves are often contempuous of their career and peers. How many female lawyers are willing to marry men who make less money than them?

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