William taylorsville dating

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On July 5, the Weekday Kindergarten Program (the first in the county) was approved.

Payne had a new church pulpit made in his honor from some walnut timber he had owned. The first women to be officers of the church were Mrs. Prior to the congregational meeting, William Bogle Matheson, an advocator to build a new church, had purchased Lots 47 and 48 in Taylorsville for 0 to be conveyed to the Presbyterian Church if it met the approval of the congregation. Among the students who attended were Madeline Campbell (Harbinson), John Kelly (Louise Moose's brother), Swazer Campbell (Cynthia Campbell's late husband), and Dr. Feimster) was elected to sell the old church property (site of Alexander County Library), and buy property for a new church. Taylorsville Presbyterian had agreed to provide the space for this overflow of students. The church membership contined to grow and reached another all-time high in 1923 with 120 communicants. In addition to Scotch-Irish settlers, some Scots (Highlanders) immigrated from Scotland to what is Iredell County and formed the New Sterling Associate Reformed Presbyterian (A. In 1847, Alexander County and the Town of Taylorsville were formed. In 1850, the Presbyterians of Taylorsville appointed a committee of trustees to buy 2 lots in Taylorsville for a site to erect a church. Indications are that the first church building and the first services held in the church occurred sometime in 1856, but the exact date is not known. John Davis Wilson was called, ordained and installed as the first regular pastor of the Taylorsville Presbyterian Church. Wilson served until 1863 when he received and accepted a call from another church.

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