Whos eve dating

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The two told the British fashion website that they had first met at the 2010 event.

Cooper said the two have "been together every day since." The Gumball 3000 website dubs Eve the "First Lady of Gumball." The 3,000-mile rally takes place on public roads and spans across 13 countries.

‘I guess we’re staying together.'” “I was actually getting my hair done,” she told the hosts. Eve has always been a chameleon when it comes to hair.

Good to know she’s found someone who’s encouraging of that expression of style.

“He’s probably the only dude who’s seen me,” the 37-year-old beauty said of Cooper catching her pre-styling.

Eve shared her story while sitting in as guest co-host with the ladies of “I wouldn’t let a guy see me in my braids and in that moment,” she remarked.

The rapper had said they planned to wed after the international event, which ended on Saturday.

Having a very tight schedule in her daily life, she seems to spend most of her time in London and Los Angeles.

For further study, she joined Oxford University where she had a long time romance with poet Adam O’Riordan, but the couple broke up.

It could be relaxing in your sweats, going without makeup, hair not perfectly coiffed, and not feeling the need to rush back to your own toilet when you have a bubble guts moment. For rapper and actress Eve, she knew husband Maximillion Cooper was the perfect catch when he found her in her straightbacks at the salon, preparing to get a weave installed.

It was a first her, as she rarely let men of her past in on the process.

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