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— Nien-he Hsieh Professor Daryl Koehn, holder of the Wicklander Chair in Professional Ethics at De Paul University, is this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Scholarship.

A scholar of immense breadth, she has been at the forefront of advancing business ethics scholarship in novel directions, being one of the first members of the Society to engage with Eastern philosophy and now the Maker Movement and 3-D printing.

Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz opened by thanking the students, faculty, and parents for their hard work throughout the year.

During his remarks, Head of School Chris Garten noted the impact the outgoing eighth-graders had on the Middle School community. “We have great expectations of you.” Eighth-graders Sydney Chun, Kurt Drath, Sahil Singh Ghatora, Audrey Howard, Time Kalin, Savoy Lackey, and Christina Torlone shared the lessons they’ve learned in Middle in their Eighth-Grade Reflections, citing four lessons: series on television.

He argues that just societies should be concerned not only about people’s holdings in income and wealth, but about their access to credit.

In many cases, without credit, people cannot undertake projects that are meaningful to them, such as pursue educations, create businesses, and buy houses.

The annual conference began on Friday, August 4th at pm with the welcome and plenary session.

The authors address a problem of both timely and timeless value to business ethics, how corporate hierarchies can be squared with human dignity.

Confucian arguments are woven together with Kantian ideas and Coasian/Williamsonian theorizing, in ways that upend conventional thinking about the relationship between hierarchy and dignity in the workplace.

Her work informs and is informed by business practice, and is infused by a deeply humane outlook.

The Society is pleased to recognize her contribution to the field.

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