Who is nick hogan dating

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The two got married at the First Baptist Church located in St.

Petersburg, Florida, with Hulk Hogan as the best man.

Let’s learn some more facts about Heather Clem and her raunchy past with Hogan.

Best known as the former second wife of radio presenter Bubba Clem, Heather Clem is a famous American TV personality. Heather was raised by her parents in her hometown of West Virginia and she practices Christianity.

On the evening of August 26, 2007, just 16 days after his fourth speeding ticket in 11 months, the 17-year-old Bollea was involved in a serious accident in Clearwater, Florida.Bollea occasionally attended amateur drifting competitions. According to Chris Tyler, a drift event organizer, Bollea attended an event the Friday prior to the crash of Nick's Toyota Supra.Bollea did not compete; he gave drifting demonstrations between the runs of competitors.Heather and Clem lived together happily as husband and wife until in 2010 when they separated and their divorce papers confirming legal separation was released on September 15, 2011.Heather and Clem’s separation appeared to be amicable and they had no child from their marriage.

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