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She was featured on the cover of Italian 's "25 Years of Fashion" special issue this past summer, and recently starred in campaigns for Chanel Eyewear, Hogan, and Talbots.And the supermodel's appreciation for her three-decade-and-counting career has grown over time.But around the time they met in 2006, Pinault was making sweet love to another one of the world's most beautiful women, Linda Evangelista. Nothing out of the ordinary for a man like him to have some gorgeous arm-candy attached to him.

"I knew they were legendary, but I didn't know how relevant their work would become. ' I didn't appreciate it at the time, and I regret that." Francesco Scavullo was another master, and one of the few who got her to undress in front of the camera.

And she reveals a recent go-to: the Row, the line by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Evangelista says she was at Barneys and a sales associate was pushing a leather skirt on her, and she asked who the designer was. I'm not trying it on.' But she put it in my dressing room and I put it on, and it became my favorite skirt." She calls the Row a reliable label now. I mean, I've traveled the world to work in studios.

"He said I had to do a nude with him, and I finally said, 'Fine, but you're cropping it. Therapy—individual, group, all of it." Still, few can boast the kind of fiercely loyal cadre of friends that Evangelista has built for herself.

You can't go past my chest, and I'm turning my back.' That was my nude. Famed photographer Steven Meisel is one of her closest confidants. " And the hairstylist Garren, who was largely responsible for her colorful crops and fluorescent bobs through the 1990s, Evangelista calls a big brother.

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