Who is lauren conrad dating william tell

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It was before reality TV had become what it was today.

There was an innocence to it because none of us were doing it to get any deals or other ventures -- we were just all friends and it sounded cool so we did it," she explained.

During a Us Weekly interview last year she proclaimed “He doesn’t date just to date.

He’s either deeply in love or he’s on to the next thing…

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According to Murray he’s a nice guy who is thoughtful about who he dates.

He also has experience in the entertainment industry, so he understands a lot of things that people don’t always get.” He toured with the band and had a No.

11 hit single on the charts with the groups a few years back.

" data-reactid="22"It's been sixteen months since Lauren Conrad began dating William Tell, a former rocker who now attends law school at the University of Southern California.

Us Weekly at Downy's Pop-Up Laundromat event in New York City June 5.

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