Who is donald sutherland dating

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What Casanova star Donald Sutherland lacks in matinee idol looks he has more than made up for with magnetism.

who is donald sutherland dating-79

who is donald sutherland dating-79

He's appeared in more than 150 films and TV shows -- "MASH," "Klute," "Ordinary People," "The Hunger Games" -- just to name a few. Anderson Cooper: Why do you see it in romantic terms? Donald Sutherland: And Bob Aldrich looked at him like that. Hollywood producers saw star power in that brief role. That may be a polite way of saying, if the film is a clunker, don't blame Sutherland. Donald Sutherland: Uh this is gonna be a hard day for me. Next month, he has a new film coming out: "The Leisure Seeker."In which he plays an aging professor, alongside Helen Mirren, who embarks on a road trip as he grapples with old age and dementia. Anderson Cooper: It's very bittersweet about, things slipping away, about love and aging and-- did-- did it resonate? Donald Sutherland accepting Governor's Award: I finally found peace in the words of the great Benjamin Kubelsky, who is also known as Jack Benny when he said, as I say to you now: 'I don't deserve this, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either.' Thank you.The affair certainly helped raise his profile, and he was at the height of his fame when he made some bad career decisions including turning down the role undertaken by Jon Voight in Deliverance.One of the films he said yes to Alien Thunder brought happiness, however, in introducing him to his third wife, French-Canadian actress Francine Racette.His sizzling chemistry with then-girlfriend Jane in Klute and renowned love scene with Julie Christie in supernatural thriller Don't Look Now have become cinema classics.Donald's career took off after he landed a role in the 1967 flick The Dirty Dozen.

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