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She is an actress and director, known for Prey (1998), The L Word (2004) and The Hard Truth (1994). I think sometimes when lesbians have a certain reaction to The L Word, there's such a need to be represented.

She has been married to Jodie Foster since April 20, 2014.

She surely gotta be dating someone by now (heard the rumors that she might be dating Ilene Chaiken, the creator of the LWord).

They were married a year later and moved to Los Angeles where they raised their family.

He started out his career with theatre and Hedison loves being on the stage today as much as he did at the beginning of his career.

In his words, ‘I feel good about myself when I get back to theatre’.

Alexandra Hedison is a well-known photographer, whose work has been shown in New York, London, and Los Angeles.

(1941) and till date, Tyrone remains his boyhood idol.

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