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Again, I’ve posted some screen shots to show the basic quality.

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Sometimes she’d sit there for an hour, eating her lunch and talking to the other girls.After that, they would tend to spend some more time fixing their hair, fixing each other’s hair, putting on their make-up, taking off their street clothes, rubbing lotion on their bodies, getting into their stage outfits, etc.If you turned the sound on you’d hear the stage music and the DJ’s voice (not the sounds of the dancers talking in the dressing room).” After a while I figured out that whenever a dancer put on her platform heels, that was the signal that she was about to exit the dressing room to either work the crowd or dance on stage.(They do not wear those god-awful shoes when they’re not performing.) If she was heading for the stage, I could switch over to the and watch her strip out of the outfit I’d just watched her put on.

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