Vespa dating

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A Life-long Passion for Vespa Scooters Unlike other teenagers who eventually grow out of their love for their two-wheeled means of transport, Livorno-born Marco Quaretta never lost his passion for the workings of the Vespa scooter.

By watching others and experimenting on his own, over the years Marco has become an authority on this much loved Italian classic, and for some years now has had his own immaculate workshop and vintage Vespa scooter showroom in the heart of one of Livorno’s oldest districts, San Jacopo, not far from the church of the same name and the Pancaldi bathing lido.

The letters cover Lambrettas built in the main manufacturing countries for Lambretta of Italy, Spain and India (and we can also supply letters for Lambrettas made in France, Germany etc).

Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal by making your payment to: [email protected] we'd like a frame rubbing or digital photo of the scooters frame number, however, this is not essential.

All letters come with a sheet detailing what you need to do next in order to register your scooter (Insurance, MOT etc.), thus ensuring that you are in possession of all the information you'll need to get on the road.

Famous Vespa Riders The Vespa has been a cultural icon in Italy since it was first produced by Piaggio in 1946.

It has been used in many a movie about Italy, from the fifties up to recent times.

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