Vb net publish version not updating

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In this case, the Provider URL could resemble this string: When releasing a real add-in, the Provider URL must specify the location of the next update for the current add-in version.

You can upload version 1.0 of your add-in to any web or LAN location and specify the update location for this version.

I still need my app to notify the user that it's time to upgrade.

This is our little 10 minute solution, but it's actually working very nicely.

Yesterday I was pairing on a little startup I'm doing on the side with Greg Shackles and it was time do the setup application.

I thought about Wi X, I thought about Install Shield, but then discovered a wonderful little gem of a setup application called Inno Setup by Jordan Russell.

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It took me just 15 minutes to make a simple installer, and it's clear that this tool is deep and broad in its support.Subsequent Add-in Express releases will replace this file with its newer versions.And this may require you to copy a new launcher version to your Publish / in the Type column of the Files listbox.When you choose this item, Add-in Express shows the Publish dialog that generates the deployment manifest and places it into the Publish subfolder of the solution folder.In addition, the dialog generates the application manifest and places it to the Publish / folder is called the Add-in Express Launcher for Click Once Applications or the launcher. This file is the heart of the Add-in Express Click Once Solution. It will be installed on the user's PC and listed in the Start menu and Add / Remove Programs.

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