Validating textbox in vb

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Howdy All, I'm looking for a good way to detect if the user has entered more than one decimal point into a Text Box.I'm trying to prevent a error due to multiple decimal points.Not - high voltage or anything - just a little shock. Thanks Again Tobin com cowski Thanks for your response.Apparently a "lost focus" event is not available in SW API for a Text Box.5 and Silverlight, but I plan to have a separate post on taking advantage of .The pattern 0* indicates that a natural number can be prefixed with any number of zeroes or no zeroes at all. Use the following procedure to create a sample application.Text = Last Text Box1End If Last Key Ascii = Key Ascii Last Text Box1 = Text Box1.Text End Sub When two decimal points are entered you get a beep and the orignal text is restored.

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Instead of trying, do your final validation in code immediately before it is actually used in your program.Net MVC with html controls that I'd like to check it type, e. Validation Message For() is an extension method is a strongly typed method.Mask for Positive numbers only in Text Edit I need to allow the user to accept only positive numbers with or without decimal points. The code is, suppose i have a textbox where user should input numeric data only but user can give string data. The underlying field is a float field, but I do not want the user to enter a negative value for the specific column. A quick scan over Google came up with this, try it out: \b\d \b matches a positive integer number.Other ways to trigger validation:handleman, Francis L and The Tick, Thanks for your efforts in answering my question.handleman - Thanks for the above code. I'd have never come up with it myself or even thought to search for it that way.Thanks Again Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(By Val Key Ascii As MSForms.

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