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In precision instruments, lab equipment or specialized machinery, even minor inaccuracies can cause problems and lead to inaccurate or incomplete results.

Equipment validation ensures your product will consistently perform within a given range.

Throughout her career, she has been responsible for sharing her knowledge through the design and delivery of a range of training courses for production personnel including Good Manufacturing Practice, Change Control, Deviation Management, Electronic Record Compliance, Validation and Management of API Suppliers/Manufacturers.

Elizabeth also has extensive experience in providing quality and GMP training to improve the performance of site quality ..

When you have completed the course, you will have an appreciation of the different terms and application of validation for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Most consumers look for certification from quality management systems, like ISO, before they even consider buying a product; so an incorrect system of validating your equipment can threaten your adherence to industry norms, as well as your certifications and compliances.

These are just a few things that almost every validation process should incorporate.

Recommended for quality, regulatory, engineering, manufacturing, and other technical professionals who plan, execute, report, maintain, review, or manage process validation activities, and who have basic knowledge of statistics or statistical tools.

The Understanding Validation Training Course can be delivered in a hotel, one of our offices, or your premises.

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