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We covered quite a lot, so let’s recap what we’ve learned.In the first article, we learned how to: command to help update Angular applications.The following rules are applied when a semantic version is increased: If you’re not familiar with semantic versioning, make sure to check out this simple guide to semantic versioning.The Angular team combines semantic versioning with a time-based release cycle to aim at: The release schedule is not set in stone, as there may be holidays or special events, but it’s a good indicator of what we can expect in terms of upcoming versions.You can follow the official Angular blog and the official change log to stay up to date on the latest developments.A huge benefit of semantic versions is that we can safely update Angular applications with patch or minor releases without having to worry about breaking our applications. We already learned that a major release can come with breaking changes.All code from this article is available on Git Hub. Now its possible to add / remove attributes and fake products can be added (products without a products id) Made the admin edit account modular, so it can be customized Improved the order confirmation e-mail by consolidat "Search and Edit Categories" menu added to the admin panel for displaying all categories in a tree.

new field cnum which holds the customer number for different ERP software - fix bug 10981: the merging of language file did remove new translations - fix bug with not replace marker for FIELD_date_of_birth split pi1/into separate files for each language in l10n/pi1 to decrease the needed memory amount for each FE user.A time-based release cycle means that we can expect new versions of Angular (Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, etc.) every couple of weeks or months.Semantic versioning means that the version number of Angular allows us to predict whether or not it will break our application if we upgrade to it.So how do we know if our existing application will break or not if we update it?One way would be to read the official change log and go through the list of changes.

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