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He does however have an extra 35% Damage Inflicted to SP SSB Vegeta PUR’s Unique Abilities make him stronger when he enters the battlefield while simultaneously locking the opposing Fighter in for 5 timer counts.Unfortunately, he loses his place in Z Tier for a multitude of reasons.His “Preparations for the Future” Unique Ability is an insane Buff to his Teammates.SP SSJ Kid Goten PUR needs a specific Team around him to really shine, but if provided with the right Teammates, he can unleash a hellacious torrent of Damage.Whether it’s Strike, Support-esque Debuffs, or being ridiculously hard to kill, she does it all.

To the surprise of no one, SP Super Vegito PUR is an incredibly oppressive Fighter and does a little bit of everything exceptionally well.

He recently received some Buffs in the recent Balance Changes, bolstering his Special Move Damage and overall stats.

While he’s devastating Offensively against Saiyans, he and his Frieza Force Team can feel lackluster against non-Saiyans.

Despite the 30% Damage inflicted Buff he receives after 30 timer counts, his base attack stats aren’t great so he can struggle to do Damage at times.

Even with his somewhat suboptimal Team options, he himself is such a devastating Offensive Fighter that he can make up for it.

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