Updating sony bravia firmware Webcam shock

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If this message is displayed, follow the steps below to update the software on the TV.Start the process by pressing the Home button on the remote control.I have a KDL-40CX523 TV and am trying to get the latest firmware installed on it via USB stick from Sony UK's website.According to Sony's instructions, you download a zip file, unpack it and transfer the folder containing the firmware to the root of a USB stick and use the TV's menus to apply the update.Make sure the camera’s USB Connection is set to Mass Storage 2. Stop the USB connection, click “Finish”, then remove the battery or disconnect the AC adapter briefly, and then power on the camera again. When the following screen is displayed, reset the camera. On the camera, press the center button of the Control Wheel to reset the camera. At the “Firmware Updater” screen, click “Next”. When the following screen is displayed, click “Run”. WITHOUT CONNECTING THE CAMERA, Click on Update Setting Tool. The update process takes about fifteen minutes to complete. When the following screen is displayed, click “Finish”. Disconnect the USB cable, power off the camera, then remove the battery pack or AC adapter. Reconnect the battery pack or AC adapter and power on the camera.

However, using the TV's controls I can browse to that folder and can confirm that the binary file is present.

As an example, in June 2011, a fix for a range of Sony Bravia HD models was released to address a problem with watching the BBC in HD.

Here are some instructions on how to check if your Bravia needs updating, and how to perform a firmware update.

If you have a Sony Bravia TV set, from time to time, it may be necessary to update the software (known as firmware).

The firmware controls what the TV does, and is occasionally updated, either to add new features, or to address certain fixes.

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