Updating linux time

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I also made a ticket with my VPS provider asking them for a detailed recommendation on the best thing to do.

I pointed them to this thread, and some other documentation indicating that maybe the CPU allocation would cause a timing problem.

"didn't work" does not tell us anything, other than it's very likely that there is something else wrong with your time configuration, and telling you how to disable ntpd won't fix is the output of Need more information. Last drift adjustment done at 1409274062 seconds after 1969Last calibration done at 1409274062 seconds after 1969Hardware clock is on UTC time Assuming hardware clock is kept in UTC time.

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you will see a little icon in the kicker bar/taskbar when there are updates.

Most servers are probably automatically configured to network time, but if you want to set it up for yourself, or want to change the servers that you are syncing to, here’s the quick article that shows you how to do it.

Since I had to do this earlier today, I decided it would make a lot of sense to write it down for the next time that I need to do it. First, you’ll need to install NTP if it isn’t already installed.

This will make the clock run faster, or slower, than is really happening. And all the other answers are just misleading IMHO.

Since ntp is trying to measure changes on the assumption that your clock is a fixed-rate faster or slower than the rest of the world, this speeding up and slowing down will give ntp fits and it will probably eventually just give up, with the result that indicated, that the system is already synchronized. Just give it more time and a little star will appear. But ntpd doesn't usually sync in one big jump (like ntpdate), but tries to adjust the time slowly and ensures over several cycles, that the time is stable. ntpd is even recommended by VMWare to keep the time in sync.

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