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Otherwise, you will be asked if a directory in your home directory should be created for these packages.A routine update of such locally compiled packages can be done using (please contact r-sig-debian if you would like to change this), the R versions in released or frozen Debian releases get out of date.R packages you have compiled locally can be updated using The last R release backported to wheezy and made available on CRAN is currently R 3.2.5 with the codename “Very, Very Secure Dishes”.In order to address the security vulnerability https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2016-8714, I applied the commits r71664 and r71667 to src/library/gr Devices/src/dev PS.c.Visit Stack Exchange I have to work with a Lenny VM, and I can't get apt-get to work.I already changed to use archive repositories which let download some files via apt-get update, but not all.

Since R 3.1.0, R is fully functional on arm and armel binaries for jessie and wheezy were provided here up to R 3.4.2.The list r-sig-debian is a good place to ask if you run into problems.You may want to install the automatically tuned Atlas or the multi-threaded Open Blas library in order to get higher performance for linear algebra operations .You only need if you want to compile R packages yourself or other software depending on R (see section below on administration and maintenance).Be aware that you may also have to install build dependencies (typically -dev packages containing headers).

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