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Introducing a New Ad Library and Report We launched the Ad Library — previously called the Ad Archive in the US — to help people learn more about ads related to politics or issues that have run on Facebook or Instagram.

The Ad Library offers information about who saw the ad, as well as its spend and impressions, and houses ads for seven years.

Is there a quick way to update the library and search the folders for new content via a keystroke?

Currently when I add new media to my folders I just simply close kodi and reopen. I'm just looking for better means than having to close the app or go into system settings and drill down to manual library update.

Now, ahead of the European Parliamentary election, we’re introducing ads transparency tools in the EU.

EU advertisers will need to be authorized in their country to run ads related to the European Parliamentary election or issues of importance within the EU, as well as provide a “Paid for by” disclaimer clearly communicating who is responsible for the ad.

We’ve also launched ads transparency tools in the US, the UK, Brazil and India, as well as Ukraine and Israel leading up to key elections.

But, with these simple steps, you can rebuild your music library in just a few clicks.

First of all, make sure that Windows Media Player is closed.

Today, we’re updating the Ad Library to make it easier to learn about all ads and the Pages that run them.

This includes: We’re also making improvements to the Ad Library Report.

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