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She declined to say how many customers were affected.Whatever the cause, vital in-vehicle services for customers were disabled, most notably: the car’s air conditioning and environmental controls and its GPS navigation.My uncle got stuck with this and wasted 125 dollars and it did not load. The DVD based navigation system is located in the trunk under the mat on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is about the size and shape of a self enclosed after-market radio.All you need to do is load the new version DVD from the dealer into the unit and follow the screen prompts. It sole purpose is to provide the Navigation information for the vehicle.The DVD unit is mounted securely in place using 2 bolts on either side.Both of these must be removed using an 8mm socket or a Philips screwdriver. (Be careful not to drop them down into the cavities surrounding the unit.

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The failure has left Lexus owners and renters fuming about the loss of in-car entertainment and navigation features as rumors fly, including that the bogus update was the result of a third party malicious application, a hack of Lexus, itself, and even U. In voicing complaints on Lexus Facebook page, owners describe quirky behavior beginning on Tuesday.

A Facebook user with the name Rod Perry described the onset of problems with the so-called “headend” unit on Tuesday for a Lexus he bought just days before.

The Navigation screen will display a message indicating there is not disk installed.

Insert the new updated DVD into the slot on the unit.

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