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In November 2017, FAO decided to develop an updated land cover dataset, with the objective to produce baseline georeferenced information to serve applications within a portfolio of projects: The reasons for updating land cover mapping in South Sudan are numerous.

Although no systematic work has been conducted in recent years, displacement of people related to civil unrest is frequent and commonly results in increased pressure on natural resources, with deforestation and degradation of woodlands for biofuel production and land conversion to agriculture.

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The MODIS sensor’s vantage point of a given location on Earth changes with each orbit of the satellite.

New NASA land cover maps are providing scientists with the most refined global picture ever produced of the distribution of Earth’s ecosystems and land use patterns.

High-quality land cover maps aid scientists and policy makers involved in natural resource management and a range of research and global monitoring objectives.

An important breakthrough for these maps is the merging of those multiple looks into a single image.

In addition, advances in remote sensing technology allow MODIS to collect higher-quality data than previous sensors.

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