Updating brass light fixtures chatterbox dating

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Gold spray paint is great, but there’s an entire range of metallic hues and finishes to choose from.

before dropping half your month’s budget (if you've got cash to burn, we recommend this beauty from Work Of.) What you need is metallic spray paint. See those 2 ceiling lights that look like a certain female body part? I don’t know if it is because they are brass, or if it really is because they look like a body part. All I know is that I have been looking for new lights for the longest time. The perfect time for me was during all of the hockey weekends, when you are killing time between games! I think the biggest hurdle being that I couldn’t figure out the style that I was trying to achieve. Now I haven’t been obsessed with the looking, just peaking in and out of stores when I am already out and about.(I heard it, too.) Done right, metallic spray paint looks anything cheap, and you can even use it to completely change some of the fixtures that you already have—which means less for you to buy.(Renters, just check with your landlord before proceeding.) See: the four-bulb lighting strip in my bathroom that used to be a trashy plastic eyesore and is now a cool, "Antique Brass" finish.

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