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We get some of our merchandise in by pallet because we move so much merchandise.” It wasn’t always so successful.Like any new business, La Isla Uniforms had to build its customer base. 26, 2002, it banked just 0 in sales for the day.

The family owns a store in Los Angeles selling ready-to-wear apparel for the whole family, everything from shirts to socks and underwear. Stavros wanted to branch out from the ready-to-wear business into uniforms.

There are live birds chirping and smooth jazz music quietly playing. Candy and lollypops are waiting at the counter under the full-size palm trees.

The high-definition TV is playing a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, and a few customers are enjoying the massage chairs as they take a break from shopping.

I wanted to come into Vegas and target the locals but also hit the tourists. We came from the ready-to-wear, mass-merchant mentality and wanted to take advantage of this growing market.” Stavros chose the name “La Isla Uniforms” because he loves the Spanish language and the imagery that is associated with the name “the island.” He says he didn’t use his own name when christening the store because “it’s not about me; it’s much bigger than just me.” La Isla Uniforms features medical scrubs, construction apparel, casino black and white, restaurant wear (both back and front of house), and security and EMT uniforms.

40 million people come into Vegas, so this was an opportunity to see if what was working in L. Non-slip and comfort footwear is a relatively new addition to its product line.

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