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There was also a lack of private time for the young couple as tradition required a chaperon.

The belief was that girls must stay clean and pure, less they anger the Great Spirit and if they weren't given the chance to be alone, they wouldn't have the chance to lose their chastity.

No matter how the wedding union ceremony is performed however, they are always filled with lots of symbolism and deep with meaning.

Depending on what part of the continent you’re on, no two African wedding rituals are exactly identical… African marriage rituals can have some similarities from region to region.

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Among the African wedding rituals in some cultures in this area, brides-to-be are kept in fattening rooms where they “plumped up” before they are sent off to their husbands’ homes.The Cherokee used a ritual known as the Crane Dance during courtship.The unmarried women of the tribe wore clothes decorated with feathers and danced for the men.Instead they spent time with people their father saw as acceptable and the father typically setup their relationships.The father looked for someone with power in the tribe or a strong warrior.

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