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Graziela Nonnenmacher Bundchen (sister from same parents) Graziela is another of the five Bundchen girls but she is not near as popular as her sister.

Gabriela Nonnenmacher Bundchen (younger sister from same parents) Year of Birth: October 20, 1982 She dabbled into modelling also when they were little but her heart belonged to sports.

She was and still is a hardworking and dedicated mom who did all she could to make her kids who they are today.

Valdir Bundchen (father) He was a college professor but is mostly known for being the father of one of the most globally known supermodel.

Her career break came when she was chosen for her ability to catwalk in towering heels on a difficult runway in 1998 and from then on, she kept doing her magic.They have even been seen together cheering him on at his football games.Gisele even mentioned in an interview once that although she considers John 100% her son, she wants him to have a great relationship with his biological mother.Since Bundchen came into the picture, Moynahan and Brady have managed to build a stable, blended family with the supermodel.In fact, Bridget and the Brazilian pride are proof that ex’s can get along well as they together love on John.

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