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"I think media is part of the career of an actor," she says."There is no career for an actor who is in some way not in the media, unless they are unsuccessful."And get ready to be seeing more of the Thurman back in the press.One would think that was good enough for Quentin Jerome but it was only the beginning.He went on to his next work on (1994) and this film won several awards and stamped the fact that he was indeed a genius.Connie Zastoupil (mother) Date of Birth: September 3, 1946 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Connie Mc Hugh met Tony Tarantino on a trip to Los Angeles.He was a law student at the time but was an aspiring entertainer. One reason why Connie married that early was to gain independence from her parents but this did not last for so long. When Quentin was three, his parents got divorced, his father left and he had to move in with his mother.For so many people with careers in entertainment, their first few works are always minor ones.

The first-time writer-director became the talk of the whole media after the movie This first film garnered critical acclaim and instantly, he became a Hollywood icon.Ronnajean Tarantino Juhola (half-sister from Tony Tarantino) Date of Birth: October 3, 1974 Zodiac Sign: Libra Edward is the youngest brother to Oscar-winning director.Ron Zastoupil (half-brother from Connie Zastoupil) While Connie was married to Curtis, she got pregnant and had a son, Ron.One of such relationships was with fellow actress Uma Thurman his long time friend.They were co-stars on the (2009) and that was where he met Pick.

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