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That being said, it does lack an incentive to explore all of it, if you aren’t into the story — but that’s a flaw that will only affect a handful of players.

Performance-wise, it runs smoothly and has no hiccups.

For example, I got the option to choose the name of Mat’s – another dad in the game – banana bread, and he remembered later on in the story, that I had chosen “The Grateful Banana Bread” – a reference/pun to the Grateful Dead (Band).

Gameplay not only consists of making choices but also, browsing “Dadbook” as mentioned previously. On this service, your dad has the opportunity to choose between going out with seven different dads, or all of them at the same time if you so desire.

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It feels great, both, in handheld and docked – though I prefer handheld.

This game lived up to my dreams – no pun intended – and was everything I wanted from the port.

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