Starview 4 updating Absolutely free webcams

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When downloading the firmware update package, make sure you have a very good internet connection.You don’t want to loose your internet connection while downloading the firmware package.Have at least 50% in your batteries before starting the update.The best advice is to have fully charged batteries in your quadcopter, remote controller and mobile device (cellphone or tablet).If a firmware download is interrupted or the firmware file is incomplete, then you would have to start the download process all over again.More than likely, you won’t get the “start upgrade” option with an incomplete firmware file.You can update the Phantom 4 with the DJI Assistant 2 or the DJI Go app.It is also very easy to update the Phantom 4 Remote Controller using the recommended DJI Go app.

We also have 3 firmware update videos at the bottom.

DJI Go App Version 4.2.12- Apple IOSDJI Go App Version 4.2.8 – Google Play DJI Assistant version 2 v1.2.3If you have previously changed settings such as collision avoidance, maximum flight, horizontal distance or return to home altitude etc, check these settings and verify that they are how you want them set.

It is quite possible that the firmware update could put these back to factory settings.

Also, there are some important tips on what to do if the Phantom 4 firmware upgrade fails during the update process.

There are 2 ways to update the Phantom 4 quadcopter.

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