Starmate sirius problem updating stations

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Although unlikely a problem with the antenna, use a spare antenna to test as well.

Test the radio by using different combinations of parts you know are working. Click HERE to search for Sirius replacement docks, HERE for XM.

In most cases Acquiring Signal is NOT a problem with the antenna, but rather the radio itself or docking station.

Troubleshooting: Try using your plug and play receiver in a different docking station (like a boombox or home dock) to see if that corrects the issue.

Click HERE to view Sirius replacement receivers, HERE for XM.

For more information on parts or help with troubleshooting email [email protected] call 773.772.4340.

However, these common satellite radio issues can often be fixed by replacing inexpensive parts.

Here is a troubleshooting guide for these common satellite radio problems.

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It happens when either your radio or docking station cannot acquire the signal from your antenna.The power adapter may have a blown fuse, a short in the cable, or some other physical defect.Troubleshooting: In rare cases radios will stop powering on and it will not be the power adapter.On some radio models, the Sportsters in particular, the "Acquiring Satellite" message is the kiss of death for the radio..Too bad, because many of these radios (Sportsters) seemed to have lifetime subscriptions, once activated they played forever...

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