Single dating diva

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When I opened myself up to love, real love, I found true lasting love with the man who is currently my husband. I get countless messages and emails from women who are going through the SAME thing. While it might feel good, and maybe fun for a while, you shouldn’t date the one who makes you weak in the knees! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— I am the winner of the international “All opinions and advice expressed in this blog are the musings of the author alone.All advice that is dispensed is from the authors’s own personal experience and is meant to assist people to make their own decisions about dating and relationships. Whatever the reason, once I learned my worth I stopped accepting anything less than I deserved. In the end each person has to realize their worth for themselves and be ready to let go of the rainbows and unicorns, trading it in for the real deal because the real deal doesn’t want someone hung up on someone else! Perhaps I went through it to guide others out of it, I don’t know, perhaps just to learn to appreciate the man who would really be my happily ever after.

As a result: Listen, I know what it’s like to be infatuated with someone. I spent a very long time infatuated with someone who strung me along like a puppet. Don’t get me wrong, people who make us weak in the knees are GREAT. For most singles who are looking for love, that’s what they’re looking for – crazy chemistry (the high that comes from meeting and liking someone new)." data-medium-file=" w=250" data-large-file=" w=250" / I am an accomplished writer of an award winning site, published academic author and public relations & communications professional from Ottawa, Canada.My education and experience stem from a background of interpersonal communication, dialogue, and public relations.

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