Sexchat with a bot

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On the topic of oral sex, Planned Parenthood’s liberal sex bot advises these young teens to use condoms or “dental dams,” while urging regular testing to make oral sex “way safer” and “more fun.” This AI sex bot never even seems to consider suggesting abstinence as a great way to keeping oneself STD free. What a relief to know no one gets hurt or injured during an abortion — well, except for the baby that’s being killed.But when asked about abstinence, the bot does say that it’s “totally normal” to practice abstinence. Other than that, Roo wants you to know that nothing bad happens with abortion. Nope: Interestingly, it seems whenever Roo might provide an answer that would condemn the things Planned Parenthood focuses on, he/she comes up empty.In a span of about 14 hours, and after some unexpected schooling in hate speech, Tay's personality went from perky social media squawker...Others noted Tay tweeting messages in support of Donald Trump, as well as explicit sex chat messages.The chatroom-style app features a gender-neutral AI bot named “Roo,” who is designed to answer kids’ most pressing questions about sex that they’re too embarrassed to ask their parents.As one would expect, the bot has an extremely liberal take on sexual issues — we asked it several questions and got some eye-opening and disturbing responses.Not surprisingly, Microsoft has suspended the effort, deleting almost all of Tay's tweets and putting Tay "to sleep": Download this white paper to learn the 8 ways by which legacy ERP systems hold back your business and how “version-less” cloud ERP can help eliminate costly upgrades, reduce IT infrastructure management, and drive value with rapid implementation.Planned Parenthood continues to exert influence over the culture on issues of sex and abortion, launching a new online mobile app that gives sex instructions and advice 13 to 17-year-old teens who are attempting to navigate sex issues.

King County (in Seattle) attorney Val Richey told Lee the internet has led to dramatic growth in the prostitution marketplace.For example, when asking Roo about what is the appropriate age to have sex (remember, these are 13 to 17-year-old teens) here’s the reply: So, if your 13-year-old is wondering about sex, Planned Parenthood’s bot will inform him or her that any age is OK to begin sexual intercourse.But if you wait until the old age of 17, you’re a late bloomer!We've never been able to do that."Deterring men is just one half of the battle, software is also being used to help active sex workers escape their situation.The software grabs phone numbers from online ads and send out mass messages to prostitutes who may require help.

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