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BDSM often divides these into ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ limits.A soft limit is often an activity that you don’t enjoy and wouldn’t normally engage in, but you may consider doing it for the right person,” says Wilde.“Hard limits are absolutes. " it could also be a statement to people but most likely in the form of a question. That means, if you subscribe to their youtube channel, they will subscribe to yours.

Only then, can you properly ask for whatever it is your secret, greasy, heart desires.

These are the things that you will not do, under any circumstances.

For many people, these may be activities or things which trigger bad memories, panic attacks, or other psychological stress.

Restraint includes anything from holding the sub’s hands in a certain position to using restraint tools like handcuffs.” Dominance and submission is a set of erotic behaviors involving one person being subservient (or submissive) to the person in control (the Dominant).

This can happen in the bedroom through the Dominant (Dom) dictating orders to the Submissive (Sub), but it doesn’t even require both parties to be in the same room. They simply converse over the phone or email, where the Dom tells the Sub what he or she would like them to do.

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