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She had to keep her ears out of the water for a week after the surgery, then i used ear buds after that when she went swimming which is good for your ears even if you don't have grommets.

About 12 months after the procedure she had a check up & they had fallen out.

Surely the fluid will eventually drain away by itself?? Would like to hear if anyone has had this done and what the pros and cons were.

Thank you My daughter has grommets & i had them as a kid & i only have good things to say about them.

I was in a similar situation when my 4 year old was around 18 months.

Ent booked him in for grommits (didn't really look at him) but as he never had ear infections I was weary.

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Im not sure if the fluid will eventually drain away, but i was told if I'd had the grommets put in as a young child i may have prevented the hearing loss.

Your comment about a dim view of parents who refuse treatment comes across a bit hostile. So I am not sure if the medical profession is going a bit overboard in his case. his first lot he got before he had ear infections ect sounds similar to your child but they helped tremendously as ge got older.

Your comment about a dim view of parents who refuse treatment comes across a bit hostile. They relieved pain and helped him hear so much clearer. Like I said before, he has never had ear infections and he is able to hear.

we had regular hearing tests and his fluid cleared as it built up after colds/runny noses.

i got a second opinion and we decided not to have the grommits, his hearing is fine we just did speech therapy but doc said we would have to with the grommits anyway.

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