Session saveorupdate not updating

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Need to 'save Or Update' it later It throws Non Unique Object Exception. I created a new object and I'm using the assigned generator. But sometimes you only are interested in saving data.

If the data already exists you need to throw an error.

EMPDEPT as EMPDEPT3_0_ from EMPLOYEE employee_ where employee_. Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE (EMPNAME, EMPDEPT, EMPNO) values (?

If you want to find out if something is a bug in Hibernate, they have a JIRA Issue tracking site you can use.

Therefore you are obligated to call Hibernate Session()Other times you only want to Update. Hello, I have a table with a generated Id (mapped as Id in Hibernate) and a logical Key (a normal property with a unique index in database).

If I use save Or Update, it looks for the Id, and if its not in table, it uses save to save the object.

when I load c1 back from the database, remove c4 and store c1 into the database again, c4 is not removed from the database. Beginner Joined: Tue Nov 09, 2004 pm Posts: 44 I'm experiencing a problem with this method. So, I'll blow a credit and get you folks to explain it to me :-) My original understanding: - Load persistent object in business tier, pass it to UI via RMI - UI modifies object and passes it back via RMI (EJB call) - EJB method calls Or Update(detached Object) and... Hi, Having a superclass Employee and a subclass Content Producer mapped through the "table per subclass" mapping strategy, I cast an Employee instance to a Content Producer and tried to save the resulting object using the save Or Update method(), but with no success.

Now to make things even more strange when I try to insert some dummy manually I can do it, and ...If I use: Or Update(item); it does not work for a save but does for an update.If I change to:; the save is done correctly.The message says something about the number of updates(0) does not match the expected number of updates(1) or something ...Hello, My setup is JBoss 3.2.1, with Hibernate 2.03 installed as an MBean running against MS SQLServer 8.

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