Rules for dating the rebound guy online dating timeline

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It's normal to feel jealousy when you hear that your boyfriend has talked with his ex.During those times, take a deep breath and remind yourself she's the ex and you are not.The downside is that you risk trying to approach the relationship emotionally removed in order to be objective.This is what mental health professionals do with their client's. You can't be both emotionally removed and emotionally involved at the same time and expect that by doing so, you are giving "the relationship the absolute best possible chance." Additionally, you definitely can't have an amazing relationship with anyone if you are "prepared to set (your) emotions aside." Relationships that have the best chance at success are ones in which each individual is willing to jump in with both feet!Through research I've learned that the best things to do in rebound relationships is to give the rebounding person space.

Recently we had a heart to heart about the nature of his current relationship with his ex and he said they were still civil and still talk occasionally.

He said he's been trying to sort through some things via his communication with her.

I know he also still has a few heartstrings attached to her.

This will allow you to slowly change the subject toward something more pleasant without showing your insecurities.

If your boyfriend sees you as his confidant, friend and therapist, he will treat you as such.

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