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They encourage creative expression through art as they talk to their patients, and allow the patients to communicate with them through the things they produce, as well as through words.

Introverts will find that this career features one-on-one counseling sessions, which suits their preference for small group work, and that they need to observe, listen, record observations and keep records and use that information to develop treatments for their patients, so it's important for them to process data before acting on it.

A career as a writer or author may be a good fit for introverts who are interested in psychology.

A writer or author who specializes in psychology and writes books or articles about psychological theories, principles or studies will be able to spend much of their time researching these topics and then writing about them.

Psychology involves how people think, feel and behave.

There are many subsets within psychology that involve helping people cope with specific issues, such as social interactions or health problems, or researching how a person's behavior can be affected by different variables.

Patients they work with may include those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, or people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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Introverts may find this to be a good career in the field of psychology because they will be able to work with people one-on-one, and their duties involve investigating options for the services that clients need.

They use this information to inform patients and medical professionals and promote lifestyle habits and strategies that can help improve patient health.

A doctoral degree in psychology is the standard requirement for most clinical psychologist positions.

Psychology courses acquaint students with basic principles of learning, motivation, development, and interpersonal relationships, providing a foundation for effective living and a background for a variety of career opportunities.

The major provides students with a wide range of marketable and graduate study skills that include interpersonal awareness, problem-solving, research, and computer literacy.

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