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Mc Collough: No, we wanted to have a more quiet return, something more about the clothes, the woman, more about the people who really want to be there. I think people expect us to come back with bells and whistles, but that’s not who we are.We’re just going to do what we do and be quiet about it and try to create work that we feel is culturally relevant and interesting for us as creative people.Maybe there are some positives you can bring forward and there are some things that don’t work out, and you just constantly evolve the way you run your business. I was looking back at old Proenza shows, [and thinking] what is the thing that people want from us? That’s what feels right in the world today, a kind of reality. You’ve got to be able to access it, to covet it, and be able to buy it. In January, we did this tie-dye dress, a velvet jersey long-sleeved turtleneck tie-dye dress. The whole office is head to toe in PSWL and it feels really great to see girls in our clothes all the time.You said you went to Paris and you thought about craft. It was probably the most shot piece of the season, but it outperformed all of our commercial pieces of the season. Are there other pieces or collections that stand out to you like that? Those did really well for us commercially and we continued that dress for six seasons. If you try to design into that and check all those boxes, something gets lost. Hernandez: I could throw gold nuggets on a dress and I’m sure it’d be great. For a long time it felt like a feather in your cap to see the clothes in magazines and win awards, but at a certain point in your career, you start wanting something else.Mc Collough: I think it might be a little polarizing, actually; some people are maybe expecting fancy bells and whistles, but we’re really taking things into a new world. Hernandez: It’s just clothes; it’s really as simple as that.

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Its inaugural offering debuted with a series of images starring longtime PS muse Chloë Sevigny, photographed by her boyfriend, director Ricky Saiz.“It started to feel wrong to us that we weren’t exploring these types of garments within the context of the collection,” designers Jack Mc Collough and Lazaro Hernandez told Vogue.“We’ve always wanted to be a one-stop shopping destination for those who respond to the work we do, and without offering this other end of the spectrum as part of their shopping experience, it somehow, to us at least, felt incomplete.The latter two seasons are known as pre-collections.Unlike fall and spring, these offerings aren’t usually presented in a runway show.

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