Product dating solutions

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Expiration dates are required on commercially manufactured products and are determined after extensive study of the product's stability.Most expiration dates are given in years for commercial products.

Manufactured in ISO 9008-certified facilities, all Fisher Chemical acids and bases undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing measures that ensure excellent lot-to-lot and bottle-to-bottle consistency. Learn what grade is most suited for your application.Grades of these inorganic salts include select products meeting ACS, USP/NF and FCC requirements as well as Certified, Reagent and other specialty grades.All Fisher Chemical products are manufactured in ISO 9008 certified environment and undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures ensuring excellent lot-to-lot consistency.Meets all ACS specifications and is submicron filtered.Laboratory and Technical Chemicals of reasonable quality and purity for use in procedures where no official standards are required.

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