Positives of dating a marine

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Tell the truth: If you couldn't be a Marine, would you be a Coastie?(Air, Land and Sea) 24) Best campaign covers: The Smokey Bear hat.We also understand you may be concerned about your privacy.You are not required to submit any information that makes you uncomfortable.

The training commitments of Marine Officers and Enlisted Marines in the Reserve are identical: one weekend a month and two consecutive weeks every year.

43) Best recruiting gimmick III: "If you have the mettle to be a Marine.'' 44) The Commandant's House.

You gotta love a service that has heroes with names like that.

Not a simple science, but luckily more of a danger to the enemy than to Marine aviators.

48) Former Commandant and Mud Marine Al Gray (Anecdote III): Business leaders are so impressed with his ethic and style, they're using his Fleet Marine Force Manual 1, "Warfighting,'' to hone their skills for boardroom battles.

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