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I personally think that the yield of the bond, together with the .5 billion JPM facility that its sale will unlock (thereby making the bond more tenable) are factors which militate in favour of a successful bond sale (notwithstanding short-term hiccups, like President Trump's big trap).

But that's just my very inexpert take on the situation.

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I don’t believe the bonds won’t be sorted but I agree in that it’s gets utterly boring with the endless speculation about what will and won’t happen to this share and SMs future on this BB .

It’s turned into something I’d expect from a football messsge board.

For the first time, I will admit to having lost sleep this week as we now come down to the real ‘nitty gritty’.

It feels like we are waiting for the whistle to blow before we are sent over the top. Institutional investors with large holdings are not in the habit of losing money and will certainly have details of the plan of action over the next couple of weeks.

None of these have sold up and left, surely that is the most telling sign.

Has it improved since then and, if so, where's the evidence?

Jimmy “Presumably you are a millionaire already throwing money around like that??

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