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" The athlete is also on the hunt for two more medals so that he can usurp Bonnie Blair's place as the US's most decorated winter competitor.

magazine's take on Ohno's weight loss.) According to trainer John Schaeffer, Ohno shed pounds during training by eating lots of fish such as salmon (which contains healthful fats) and tons of fruit and vegetables.

For athletes to maintain a high level of performance and low body fat, it means they have to a have a really good balance in their diet in order to maintain their health.

Should athletes continuously strive to lose body fat?

Having won six medals in his career, Seattle-based speed skater Apolo Ohno stands to make U. Winter Olympic history if he wins another one in upcoming short-track competition—the 1,000-meter race this weekend or the 5,000-meter relay on February 26.Several techniques can estimate body fat composition: Skin-fold measurements; bioelectric impedance tests, which use a small electrical current to estimate the amount of water in the body and then extrapolate a fat figure; and tests based on displacement of water (hydrodensitometry) or air (the "Bod Pod"). DXA is probably most common in research, because MRI and CT [which can also determine body composition] are so expensive and inaccessible.Editor's note (2/22/10): Professor Mourtzakis wanted to emphasize the risks associated with an extremely low body fat: "While it is possible for some athletes to reach 2 percent body fat, I would certainly not support this approach for athletes.Athletes should not be "dieting" three to four months prior to a major competition.They should be weight stable by the time the competition date arrives.

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