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If they are still not satisfied with the reasons given they can write in confidence to the Prisons Ombudsman, but must do this within one month of receiving the reply from Prison Service Headquarters.Not usually, since the law does say they can be held in any prison.Provided the prisoner is happy for you to know where they are, they will let you know in three to four weeks.It is possible for a prisoner held a long way from home to save up visits for six months and apply for a temporary transfer to a local prison, usually for 28 days.The allocations unit of the prison they have left may be able to give this information.Failing that, write to the Prisoner Location Service, PO Box 2152, Birmingham B15 1SD, giving as much information about the prisoner as possible, including their name, date of birth, their offence or charge and your relationship to them.Subject to the rules and visiting times of the local prison, the accumulated visits can be taken during that time.

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Once NOMS informs the SPS of their decision, the prisoner will be advised of the outcome in writing.

If a prisoner feels this applies to them, they should seek legal advice.

A prisoner who is being transferred is entitled to send one free special letter to someone who visits them.

However, although there is no legal right, the Prison Service does have a location policy stating that contact between a prisoner and his/her family should be encouraged and that harmful effects of being removed from normal life are minimised.

The prison also has an obligation to take reasonable steps to keep a prisoner safe, which may include a transfer if they are being bullied.

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