Pay nuthin for fhone chat

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For more information, see Amazon Pinpoint voice message pricing and Amazon Pinpoint dedicated long code pricing.

An endpoint is a messaging destination for an individual customer, such as an email address, mobile phone number, or device identifier.

See the SMS pricing tool in the next section for more information. The price you pay is based on the length of each message that you deliver, the type of phone number, and on the recipient's country or region.

You must also lease at least one dedicated long code to get started.

You can use Phone Number Validate to improve the delivery rates of the SMS messages you send through Amazon Pinpoint.

Phone Number Validate corrects errors that often occur when your customers enter their phone numbers on web-based forms.

When you send campaign messages, you pay the following charges: If you use the AWS Mobile SDK to collect application usage data, you're charged for the number of application events that you collect each month.

To request a new short code, or to obtain information about obtaining a short code in other countries and regions, create a case in the AWS Support Center.

Note: When you create a short code request case, we send you information about the one-time and recurring charges for obtaining the short code in the countries or regions that you request.

If you send more than 1 million voice minutes per month, contact [email protected] discuss custom pricing.

You can lease dedicated IP addresses for sending email through Amazon Pinpoint.

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