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Despite never having hooked up with a trans girl, he did his own research, made up his mind before meeting me, and didn’t feel the need to ask me the basic of transsexualism. Gwen Benaway is a trans woman of Anishinaabe and Métis descent.When we got intimate, he did check in carefully about genital touch and how I orgasm, but didn’t make it about my transness (huge bonus points for him). Knowing the facts is one thing, but applying them to your partner is a more critical step. You will probably end up doing some weird shit with your partner, like going through their phone, hacking their email, checking their garbage bins, meeting their ex girlfriend for drinks, or just generally being an anxious basket case (I’ve done all of these things), but as long as you come back to respecting, loving, and moving the fuck forward with your bullshit, it’s ok. Some of them may be short term, some of them may be a long time. Her first collection of poetry, Ceremonies for the Dead, was published in 2013, her second collection of poetry, Passage, was released in 2016 from Kegedonce Press and her third collection of poetry, What I Want is Not What I Hope For, is forthcoming from Bookthug in 2018.I’ve had to learn to check in with myself during sex (horrible but needed) but to also ask my partners to check in with me during sex (hand squeezing is a good trick). Walk together without needing to lock them to your body. Don’t try to find a lover who heals you but work to build a love that heals everyone. At its heart, decolonial love is actively creating a space for our histories as Indigenous/racialized survivors of colonization (we’re all survivors, babe) to be acknowledged within our relationships.If you are dating an Indigenous/racialized person, you need to know the history. Decolonial love is an accountable love that reciprocates our beauty and wholeness as Indigenous/racialized peoples.

Self care for Indigenous/racialized folks is not always Lush bath bombs and going to the spa (but it could be) like for White folks. Being compassionate to ourselves as Indigenous/racialized peoples is hard.I’m sorry, but honestly, there is something wounded and it’s worth your time to explore that.Intimacy is only scary if you’ve learned that intimacy is scary through abuse, trauma, or unhealthy relationships. I regularly dissociate from sex, especially if I’m emotionally connected to my partner.It is listening to our emotions, sitting with our feelings, and applying compassion to our bodies/selves. It goes against the racist and oppressive messages we’ve been taught our entire lives.One of the responses to oppression is to push ourselves to be perfect, to work harder and harder to overcome prejudice. I push myself to be as feminine-presenting as possible, using makeup, clothing, heels, and pretty much everything I can.

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