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The step-by-step procedure to rebuild the Outlook Search Index is: i.Open Outlook 2016, Click the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Options’ and then choose ‘Search’ that is available on the left side of the window. Click the ‘Indexing Options’ button and then ‘Advanced’ iii. Restart Outlook to check ‘Search’ functionality, after the process to rebuild indexes completes 2.Analyze the file and repair it using the Scan tool.This is the popular ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ integrated with all the versions of MS Outlook email client.

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Wait for 5 minutes and then open ‘Task Manager.’ Check if is still running in ‘Processes’ tab. OST/ PST Corruption Corruption could be a possible reason behind the malfunctioning of the instant Search not showing recent emails feature.You can see the status of the process updating at the top of Indexing Options window.Sometimes, users find it difficult to understand and execute Outlook Search with each updated version of the application.If you’re having trouble with Outlook 2016 not functioning properly – specifically a mailbox not loading, or a problem with search – then a quick and easy fix is to rebuild the Outlook Search Index. If you are running Outlook 2013, be sure to check out our article for that version here. Do note that while the index is being rebuilt searches probably won’t work, so just wait until the process completes.The amount of time it takes to complete varies depending on the number of emails, file size, and processing power.

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